Guess I’ll Have to Leave the Blow-up Doll Home

I am packing my things and getting ready to leave for Burning Man in 14 hours. I have been getting ready for the last three months, making and revising lists, accumulating supplies, researching the items I’ll need to spend a week in the desert practicing radical self-reliance.

I’ve got all my food, my water, my camping gear, my playawear (see earlier post regarding the adventures in this category), my gifts, my sleeping bags — I’ve spent hours putting together boxes and bins filled with stuff sorted by use. I was never a Boy Scout, but I’m sure that if one happened to be watching me on a hidden camera these last few weeks, he’d have been proud. I was so well-prepared, I was sure the loading of the car would be a matter of minutes.

And it would be, if I were driving a cargo van. Or a small bus. Read On