Does This Devil on My Back Make Me Look Fat?

“…resulting in the elimination of your position…”  These words, echoing in my head, cutting through the fog of confusion and what-the-fuckery. “…the difficult decision to terminate your employment…”

This week I got notice of some layoffs at the company where I’ve worked for the last 13 years. More specifically, my position has been eliminated. I’m being laid off. Shock, sadness, fear – all the usual emotions one feels at times like this, yeah – check.

I’m not angry, though. I get that it’s a business decision, and I’ve been around long enough to see this a number of times. Sometimes I was even the one on the other end of the call, delivering the bad news to one of my team members. It’s no fun for anyone, but such is the nature of at-will employment. This time, I was just one of the unlucky ones.

No grudges against my company – I maintain it’s been the greatest place to work, and I believe in their vision. I chose to work there, I believe I did good work for them, and they compensated me well during my employment. I was a grateful employee during my entire run with them – I will remain grateful for the experience.

But man, it was a crappy way to start the day – and it got worse.  Continue reading

Rave Review

I know that hundreds of thousands of people have been to Burning Man before me. My attendance at the 25th Burn this year is certainly nothing new or noteworthy to anyone but me – I’ll stipulate this up front, so that my incessant commentary over the coming days is grounded in the awareness that yes, I know I keep talking about it and yes, I know you’re likely sick of hearing about it. So we’ve gotten that out of the way. We cool? Good.

So yeah, Burning Man – wow. There was just so much. Too much to write about in one sitting. My mind was blown about six hours after I arrived Tuesday morning. Then the sun went down, and my rational mind just checked out for about the next two days. I got my awareness back by Thursday and just had the most awesome time. Read On