A collection of haiku – technically accurate but artistically questionable.

haiku for the silverfish loitering nonchalantly in the corner
purposeless insect
repulsive and lightning fast
a shoe is coming

haiku for a clash at the dinner table this evening
he took my french fry
she’s always getting her way
sibling rivalry

haiku for my brother steven who would have been forty-nine today
thirty-one birthdays
eighteen more without you here
left us much too soon

haiku for the tweaker who asked me for change at the gas station today
bug eyes stare madly
scabby arms and rotten teeth
put down the pipe, dude

haiku for a puddle from a misdirected lawn sprinkler
grounded clouds shimmer
sky fading into concrete

haiku for the end of the toilet paper roll
bathroom tissue roll
if found empty too late, grief
look before you sit

haiku for the man operating a jackhammer next door while i am home with the flu
incessant pounding
spikes in my germ-ridden head
a curse on you, sir

haiku for the oblivious stray dog out my window
canine roaming free
enviably talented
stop licking your balls

haiku for writers block
sometimes it is hard
the seventeen syllables
often elude me

haiku for the departing winter
blue sky and warm earth
in march as in december
its california

haiku for the earthquake that rudely interrupted my sleep this morning
invisible arms
jolt me awake before dawn
torn from a sweet dream

haiku for the tree outside my window this beautiful morning
bare branches grow lush
with accumulating life
spring enters my heart

haiku for the unheated swimming pool in february
i dive into you
ice cold water stabbing me
feeling so alive

haiku to be filed under ‘too much information’
this rash on my butt
epidermal battlefield

haiku to my dentist after today’s crown fitting
dentist in a rush
blinding pain blocks out all thought
not yet numb dammit

haiku for the woman i saw on a corner in long beach this morning
fishnets and high heels
sunday morning boulevard
chlamydia walks

haiku for a turkey carcass
bone flesh and skin flaps
congealing on a platter
you are sandwich bound

4 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. I was snorting while reading some of these.

    You remind me of the guy that wrote ‘Toothpaste for Dinner’.

    You should publish. 😉

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