Terry, you’re fascinating and handsome. But what are you talking about when you say “just watch the blinking lights?”
I hear this a lot, especially the “fascinating and handsome” part.
“Just Watch the Blinking Lights” is a suggestion I was given when I was struggling to just let life be life. It is a simplification of the even simpler-sounding idea to “Just Be“. So often, I find that instead of paying attention to what is going on around me and making a conscious decision about the next action, I get caught up in an unconscious reaction – usually one that results from the misguided belief that “I have to do something” or “I have to say something” or “I have to fix this” or “I have to prevent that”. Much of the time, these beliefs are wrong, and a situation does not call for me to do, say, fix, or prevent anything, and yet I still find a way to make it complicated.
The ability to “just be” is something that took much effort and practice, and even now I don’t always succeed in it. Having the clarity and peace of mind to be able to pause before reacting to something – to take a step back and choose the action I will take – takes discipline. Old habits and ideas (that I must always react, that I must always make a comment, that I must always know the answer) have to be given up, and that doesn’t happen overnight.
The well-known Serenity Prayer asks for “serenity to accept things I cannot change, courage to change things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” The wisdom exists in that pause, that step back, that ability to be at choice in the matter. Instead of meeting change or conflict with anxiety or unconscious action, I can choose to pause and not take action until I have awareness of the next indicated step. It is far simpler – and much more peaceful – to simply observe a situation and wait to be shown if action is required.
When I see lights blinking, I don’t generally try to figure them out, or change them,  or analyze their meaning. I simply watch them for a moment, and maybe wait to see what happens next. Few things in life are less complicated than that.
Just “being” – that is what I am doing when I’m watching the blinking lights.
Here are some other Frequently Asked Questions:
What is your name?
What time is it?
How old is she?
Does this look infected?
¿Dónde está el baño?
Why are you still here?
Do I look fat in this?

One thought on “FAQ

  1. I loved this. I can’t imagine there would be one person on the planet this would not speak to. Thanks for being you Terry.

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