flowers and mothers

perhaps we love
because they reflect
to us the
that we first saw
as babies
looking up into the
face of the
who first
loved us


Delivery Squid

freckle-cheeked and
blue-eyed girl,
pencil in hand,
and paper
a blank canvas
to convey images
unique to her,
ideas as strange and
as all those born of
whose minds are not bound
by the limits of reality
but instead exist in a
where birds carry umbrellas
and flowers are
as large as trees. Read On

two crows fly away

poised and alert, the crows look
at one another,
black wings restless and ready
to open
and fly from their place
on the fence post
overlooking the urban river bed
shiny and mirrored with green algae water
running to the sea.
the caw call from one
mimicked silently by the other
in preparation for flight.
obsidian wing glistens under
the setting sunlight,
shiny feathers like
midnight approaching.
one crow takes flight toward the sky
the other toward ground
in perfect unison,
growing farther apart as they soar
until the sky yields to the one true bird
and the reflected crow
where the river runs dry,
the image evaporated,
there and gone.
heading toward mountains, one crow
diminishes from sight,
while two crows remain
fixed in memory
of the end of
a sunny day
with feathers on the wind.