About Me

A little about me: I’m a writer. I’m also an amateur photographer with not much skill but an eye for what I like. I have a day job in the beige world of Corporate America, and luckily it has not managed to bleach all the color out of me yet. I have a weakness for cheesecake and zombie flicks. I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I am a single dad, which is the greatest / hardest job I’ve ever had. I love to travel and do it often in my mind. I have a giant ego that I keep in check with a chair and a bullwhip. My mission is to co-create a joyful world by finding and sharing the good in all things, and while I don’t always fulfill that mission (as evidenced by some of the posts in this blog), I’m given a new chance to do so every day. I love to get others to think, smile, or laugh. I am comforted by any shade of the color blue. I love three word sentences.  I exhibit a Pavlovian response at the sight of those little pink boxes that donuts come in. My favorite word in the English language is “wanderlust”. I am devastatingly handsome and richly charismatic. I often make grandiose statements about myself without regard to their veracity. I live and let live. I am always in a good mood, except when I’m not.

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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Just spent a few wonderful minutes reading your latest blog entry, the moving poetry, the observant photography, and the insightfully descriptive autobio.

    Refreshing! Moving!

    (and I thought I was alone with the twitch from pink boxes)

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