If There Are No Coincidences, What Do You Call It?

All right, full disclosure: this wasn’t the post I’d planned.

I had planned on writing a post on an entirely different subject. It was going to be insightful, thought-provoking, perhaps a bit controversial, given the subject matter… it was going to be something you’d remember.

But this isn’t that post.

Why? Because I’m a lazy ass.

Well, two reasons: One, because I’m a lazy ass. And two, because I just got one of those “whoa” moments.

Backstory: I’m currently participating in a seven-week program called “Whatever It Takes”. The basics of the program are that I’ve defined three commitments that I will make to myself and do “whatever it takes” to meet those commitments over the course of the seven weeks. One of my commitments was to complete a new blog post each week for the duration of the program.

As is typical for me, my procrastination has led me to doing late-night blog posts in the eleventh-hour to allow me to meet my commitment. While I must admit that the rushing has led to the quality of the writing being less than what I like to publish, I can’t deny that this program and the commitment have made me do “whatever it takes” to get the posts done, for this is my third post in three weeks. So it is working.

But when I realized, sitting at dinner this evening, that I still hadn’t done this week’s writing, I knew I had procrastinated to the point where I wouldn’t have time for the really-great, thought-provoking post I had planned. So, I started to think of an alternative — something I could write in short-order, something that would be easy to pull off at the last minute.

I thought of a haiku, which led me to think of a poem, which led me to think of the last poem I wrote here, “Delivery Squid”, about my daughter Makena. That led me to think about how I’ve written a lot of posts here specifically about my daughter and me, with pics that I have taken of us both together. I have lots of pics of my daughter and myself.

This led me to think of my son, and how I’ve written far fewer posts here that were specifically about him and me. So I thought, “this week’s post could be about a dad/son thing”, and on the heels of that thought came, “I need a photo for the blog.” And right after that: “I don’t have a pic of just the two of us.”

I thought about it some more and realized – I have very few recent pictures of just me and my son.

I felt sad about this, and mentally reviewed the pictures I knew were stored on my hard drive from recent weeks and months. I could not think of any photo where he and I were shown together, just the two of us. I have hundreds of photos of he and I taken when he was younger. But recent photos? Not so much.

So there I was, sitting in a restaurant having dinner and feeling sad about the lack of recent photographs of my son and I, and I resolved to do something about it as soon as I could. And still I was faced with not having a blog subject for this week. The evening grew later, and as I came home to face my deadline, I was still coming up blank. I had no idea what to write about.

When I sat down at my computer, I saw my sister had sent me an e-mail. I opened it and found a pic from our Oregon trip a couple weeks ago:

Hayden and I, wading the Umpqua River, July 2012

If there are no coincidences, what do you call it?

3 thoughts on “If There Are No Coincidences, What Do You Call It?

  1. Look at your Mother and I finding eachother, timing etc. Maybe “coincidences” are unknown actions from a greater power.

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