Delivery Squid

freckle-cheeked and
blue-eyed girl,
pencil in hand,
and paper
a blank canvas
to convey images
unique to her,
ideas as strange and
as all those born of
whose minds are not bound
by the limits of reality
but instead exist in a
where birds carry umbrellas
and flowers are
as large as trees.
moments captured on
copy paper,
crafted with
cheap pencils found
in the moment of inspiration,
with little care given to
the quality of the
artist’s tool.

the image forms in
an idea that must be
birthed at once –
no time for rules
like margins or scale
and eraser marks are
merely the sign of an
original creation.
what colors exist
in the grasses of this world
where little girls
conjure the pictures
that pull smiles from
their faces
on coloring
an uneven starfish?

it is surely a
land of infinite possibility
and only in a place as
as the mind of a little girl
could joy be conjured
from the most
absurd of creations.
it is a remarkable
that is made from
the vision of a
squid on a scooter
or a duck in a
baseball cap,
each one a balm
to the time-burnt
mind of the grown-up
who can only escape
to this wondrous place
through windows created
where the drawings
are tacked to the

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